Czestochowa (PL) CAC Show - 28.10.2012

ASTON MARTIN Anusi Marzenie
Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed

Utrecht (NL) CACIB Show - 20.10.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
CAC, CACIB, Best male, new Dutch Champion !

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European Dog Show Bucharest (RO) - 06.10.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
European Veteran Winner, Best of Breed Veteran and selected into the final cut of the Veteran Best in Show

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Wroclaw (PL) CACIB Show - 30.09.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
Best Veteran in Breed, Best of Breed 3rd Veteran Best in Show !

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Split (HR) CAC Show - 28.07.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie

Split (HR) CACIB Show - 27.07.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie

Velka Ida (SK) CAC Show - 21.07.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie

Velka Ida (SK) CAC Show - 20.07.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie
CAC, Best of Breed, Slovakia Winner 2012, 3. Best of Group

Szombathely (HU) CACIB Show - 15.07.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, Savaria Winner

Oberwart (AT) CACIB Show - 14.07.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed


Krakow (PL) CACIB Show - 17.06.2012

ASTON MARTIN Anusi Marzenie
Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed

Bennekom (NL) CAC Show - 03.06.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
exc.1, res. CAC

Salzburg (AT) World Dog Show - 20.05.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
Excellent, chosen to the best 6 of the champion class

Dortmund (D) CAC Show - 13.05.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie
CAC (VDH & Club)

New German Champion VDH !!! New German Champion (Club) !!!

Grudziadz (PL) CAC Show - 14.04.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
CAC, Best Male, Best of Breed, Best of Group, 4. BEST IN SHOW

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Leiden (NL) CACIB Show - 17.03.2012

Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, 3. Best of Group

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Brno (CZ) CACIB Show - 05.02.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie

Brno (CZ) CACIB Show - 04.02.2012

ZENITH Anusi Marzenie
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, res. Best of Group

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Summary of 2011 show season

The 2011 show season has been and will surely be the most unforgettable year for us.
This is beacuse of the enourmous success of our beloved Choco (Int.Multi.Ch Lacrima Christi CHOCO MOUSSE)
at the European Dog Show in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, where he became the European Champion 2011, Best of Breed and res. Best of Group.
This show was absolutely amazing for us, a dream came true... This was also a wonderful undeline of all the successes
our Choco has had so far at the showrings during all previous years.

This year Choco gained also another champion titles.
He came back from our summer holidays in Finnland as a new Finnish Champion and Nordic Champion,
and earlier this year he also closed the Slovenian Champion title.
At the moment Choco has 33 champion titles from most European countries!
We've been told that it is a kind of unofficial record in the breed.
However we have never intended to break any records :) The main incentive to plan new trips and new shows
have always been curiosity and interest in different places, people, dogs and dog shows
and eagerness of spending time with our beloved dall in an interesting way.
Showing a dog like Choco is just a pure pleasure and makes a lot of fun ! :)

It is also worth to mention that this year Choco was again chosen Best in Show at the Clubshow in d.

We are also proud and happy about the show results of Choco's and Tara's offspring.
D.J.CH (VDH & DDC) ZENITH Anusi Marzenie became Polish Champion, and needs just one more CAC
to close the German Champion title in 2012. Having two CACIBs from two different coutries
he is also on the best way to the International Champion title.
One of ZENITH's most remarkable successes in 2011 was winning the German Dalmatian Clubshow in Bren.
He became CDF Clubwinner 2011 & Best of Breed from a huge number of 86 dalmatians entered.
He was also Best of Breed and Best of Group placed at a few other shows.
XYME Anusi Marzenie has been shown ocassionally, gained additional points on her way to International Champion title
(i.a. 1 x CACIB and 4 x res.CACIB) and first points needed to the German Championn title.

We would like to thank all our friends for the pleasent time we spent together this year
and are looking forward to meeting you again at the shows in 2012!

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